A Grave Situation

Mike Callahan, Debra Krahling, Annelise Bolton, and John OLoughlin spooked visitiors during the "Grave Situation" event at Chapman State Park on 18 October.  Visitors  met with the ghosts of  Pearson and Sigismunda Mary Chapman. They also enjoyed an historic walking tour from the porch of Mt Aventine mansion through the field and to the cemetery near the Potomac River shore. At stations along the way they were able to learn some of the history of the Chapman Family and listen to some of  Charles Conty's oldest ghost stories and legends.  About 35-40 were spooked at the cemetery and returned to the manor house for cider, cookies, and pumpkins to take home. This Historical Halloween themed event helped raise funds to pay for repairs to the broken gravestone of Sigismunda Chapman.