It Was a Great 4th of July Picnic in the Park!

Who would have thought we would need sweaters and jackets to view the magnificent fireworks across the Potomac this spectacular evening at Mount Aventine, July 4, 2014! About 50 members, friends, neighbors, visitors for the first time, came. As usual, Linda and Jim Dyson did the preparations, cooking, clean-up. Board members pitched in to help and augment Jim's traditional holiday hotdogs with other tasty treats. Mike Callahan carried the evening! He led all kinds of games for the children complete with prizes. Favorite game, which needed no coaching, was the inevitable running up and down the hill, waving the prized light sticks as dark descended. Mike also led a sing-along of patriotic songs. Ever the historian, he handed out word sheets complete with history of each. He reviewed the song's history before leading us in all the different keys we sang in! Fireworks burst from the various communities in Virginia and Maryland within our extended viewshed. As we left we marveled at the moon, the stars of the clear summer sky, struggled to recall constellations once known. It was a glorious evening!

Carol Ghebelian


2014 4th of July Flyer